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How to solve without sound Honor View 20

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The large percentage of mobile phones that are in the market, are manufactured with the highest standards of quality and the controls to which the devices are subjected as certified. Undoubtedly the use we give is growing. That is why it can happen although in a very low percentage, they present some type of failures or malfunction. That is why we will offer a tutorial for when we notice that our phone is experiencing some kind of sound failure, we can solve it.

The important thing in this case is to follow the instructions that TechnoWikis will offer you since some examples of possible solutions will be mentioned that will allow us to solve any problem that exists and in this way to make the most of the benefits offered by the device , and to fix in this way the sound problems of the Honor View 20 mobile phone.

1. How to solve without sound Honor View 20

There are several methods that you can use among these are the following.
Options to solve sound problems Honor View 20
  • Proceed to turn off the Honor View 20 phone, remove the NanoSim, wait a few seconds, place the Nanosim again and then turn on the computer.
  • The quick options bar is located, it goes to the Bluetooth tool, it is verified that it is not activated. If so, proceed to deactivate it. You can perform some type of test as a call and verify that the terminal works correctly.
  • Wait for the equipment to turn off when the battery runs out, then charge the battery and when it is complete, proceed to turn it on.
  • Perform the activation of the safe mode, check that the equipment works by making a telephone call.

If all these alternatives have already been tried and the problem can not be solved, we should not despair, there are still many methods that we will explain later.

2. How to erase an App\'s cache to solve without sound Honor View 20

In general, depending on the type of fault presented, the solution may vary. In this case, if the problem of lack of sound occurs in a specific application, it is best to perform a cache erasure so that the storage memory that has to do directly with the App itself is released. To complete the recommended procedure, the following steps should be followed.
Step 1

The section "Settings" is located on the main screen of the terminal, we can identify it, since the image is similar to that of a cogwheel or a small gear.


Step 2

A directory will be displayed, where we can see several sections, selecting "Applications"


Step 3

Afterwards, a pop-up window with a variety of options will open, select the "Applications" link.


Step 4

When executing the previous step correctly, we will be redirected to a list where you can see each and every one of the App that are downloaded and installed on the Honor View 20 Mobile Phone. You must have previously verified which application is generating the error , place it in that list and press on it.


Step 5

Later the application will redirect to a new screen in which we must find "Storage" by selecting this section.


Step 6

After clicking on the separated link, a tab will open and at the bottom you can see a rectangle that says "Empty memory Cache". We press there and wait for the cache erasing process to begin, the data stored in the App\'s memory will decrease what should solve the problem or error that makes the sound impossible on the device.


3. How to clear cache of all Apps to solve without sound Honor View 20

If the previous method was performed and even then the phone still has errors in terms of sound, it may be happening that the error is not affecting only one App, if not all the mobile tools, so it is necessary to clear the cache of the same. In order to successfully clean the memory, the following procedure must be carried out.
Step 1

This method starts in a similar way to the previous one by going directly to the "Settings" section that is located in the main screen of the Honor View 20 terminal.


Step 2

When the settings window opens, the "Storage" link must be selected, by clicking on said section.


Step 1

The complete directory will be displayed with all the tools and applications found in the Honor View 20 mobile phone. To perform a total cache cleanup, you must press on a small rectangle that is located at the bottom of the screen and says "Clean".


Step 4

After executing the previous step, a tab with the alternatives will be displayed:
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Large applications
  • WhatsApp Cleaner

Now you must select "Large applications", click on a small rectangle that says "Clean" that is located on the right side of the alternative and wait until the cache erasing procedure is done automatically and you\'re done.


4. Hard Reset to solve without sound Honor View 20

In the extreme case that none of the previously mentioned methods generate positive results, we can choose to restore the initial values ​​of the Honor View 20 mobile phone or perform a Hard Reset. With this procedure as its name implies, all the original values ​​of the equipment are restored, thus eliminating any possible sound failure.

It is important to note that to execute this action you must make a backup copy of the information stored in the terminal. This is with the intention of safeguarding all the data and multimedia content that is in the phone, to perform the Hard reset it is recommended to enter this link and follow the instructions.

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In this way you will solve the different possible ones that may appear related to the sound in your Honor View 20. In the event that the phone keeps failing, it is best to contact the technical service.

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