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Google Maps 9.34.1 allows you to store maps on the SD card

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One of the most useful applications that Google has been able to develop is called Google Maps, where we can find information of all kinds on the map. In the latest update Google Maps 9.34.1 have included a novelty really expected by users of this application, the ability to download the maps on the SD card.


For those who do not know, Google Maps allows you to download map areas to our device to be able to consult them without the need of an internet connection. This is really useful, but until now we did not have the option to choose where to save the offline areas of Google Maps.

Downloading offline areas of Google Maps on the SD card is now possible.

The procedure to choose the SD card as destination of the maps that we download from Google Maps is simple:

  • Once inside the application, click on the icon of three horizontal lines located on the top left and select the option "Zone without connection" .
  • Then click on the gear icon, located on the top right and select the option "Storage preferences" .
  • We select "SD Card" .

From this moment, the offline areas that we download will be stored on the SD card. If you already have a downloaded map, you have to delete it and download it again to transfer it to the SD card.


Remind you that the offline areas expire after a few days , so remember to update them but you will find the surprise that the maps are outdated and Google Maps will not let you use them .

New "Wi-Fi only" mode to save data.

In order to reduce the consumption of data on mobile devices, Google has added a "Wi-Fi Only" option. This option only allows the use of Maps while we are connected to a Wi-Fi network and in the case of not having Wi-Fi will use the areas without connection (if we have downloaded any).

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