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How to move apps to SD card on Android

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Memory is an important factor when buying a new smartphone, especially for users who often use the phone or store numerous photos and videos in their mobile phone. To be honest, too little memory can completely prevent you from choosing a particular phone model. Because the device needs the space for all these songs, photos and apps. Working with an operating system that consumes your internal memory, your memory must have at least 16G to keep it running smoothly.

Today, there are various device storage alternatives, such as the cloud and massive internal storage configurations. In between, SD cards are still a handy and probably the cheapest option you can use to maximize storage space.

Move Android apps to SD card

In the beginning, not every Android smartphone has microSD support. But a few years ago, the introduction of microSDs by OEMs has accelerated significantly. Large flagships from LG, Samsung and HTC now include such support, while the Pixel's smartphone is not in a hurry with it.

If you have a smartphone that supports microSD, then you're in luck. You can now move all apps to SD card and save your storage space. The process is pretty simple and should only take a few seconds.

So let's take a quick look at how you can move apps to SD card!

Meanwhile, the smartphones are completely made with advanced processors, incredible amounts of RAM, exceptional cameras and super high resolution displays. But there is only one thing they do not have. They do not offer unlimited physical space. Of course that is impossible.

Whether your smartphone has 16GB, 32GB, or 256GB of storage, it eventually runs out of storage space if you're looking to do a lot of apps, photography, and videos. When that day comes, you can either delete a number of your apps or save the apps directly to the SD card. The latter is actually pretty easy to do. To move apps to an SD card, all you need is a smartphone that supports microSD and microSD app transfers.

Note: The following guide was written on a Samsung device, although most (but not all) Android devices allow you to move apps from device memory to SD card. A relatively similar process to be done.

Move Android Apps to SD Card - Let's go

First, open "Settings". You can always find it in your app menu.

Android settings

Then swipe down to "Manage Applications" and start it. Note the brand or model of your phone, the steps here might be slightly different.

Android applications

Now you're redirected to a list of all your apps.

Simply select the app you want and a screen will appear with many options such as Clear Cache and Force Stop. Tap on the button "Move to SD card", then you can start. Of course, you must have a compatible microSD card for this option to be displayed.

Move Android app to SD card

Pay attention: If you move apps to the SD card, you have to pay attention to a few things. Above all, this functionality is not supported by all devices. You can also access the apps using the Application Manager, but the option "Move to SD card" will not be displayed (for example, I found this problem with Moto X Pure).

Second, apps are not all transferable to SD cards . This is usually for apps that are preinstalled in your phone, such as mobile phones. Google Chrome, YouTube, News, and more. In these cases, the option "Move to SD card" is excluded, and nothing is done if you tap on it. Finally, there are a few special smartphones that can only move part of the app to the SD card while leaving the rest on the internal memory. It does not help as much as moving the entire app, but every job counts.

Note : Before you move apps to SD Card, you may want to back up your favorite Android apps first. Who knows if there is a mistake during the process. So you can always to FonePaw Android Backup & Restore leave so Android data backup on PC to create effortlessly.

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