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How to delete contacts from the SIM card on Android

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A few days ago after removing a contact from my calendar on my Android smartphone I expected it to disappear from the WhatsApp contact list but it was not. The contact was still on the WhatsApp list and there was no way to remove it. After some tests and investigations, it was necessary to understand how the agenda system works on Android (in my case Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean with Sony Xperia P) to remove a contact from the SIM card . The problem was that I had deleted the contact from my phonebook but not from the SIM card, so it was still showing up in WhatsApp contacts.


How to delete contacts from the SIM card on Android:

The Android agenda is very complete and shows us contacts from various sources:

  • Local contacts : contacts stored in the internal memory of the smartphone.
  • SIM card contacts : contacts stored in the SIM card memory.
  • Google Contacts: contacts stored in our Gmail account.

Today it is safest to use the Gmail account to store our contacts, because even if we lose our mobile device or it is stolen, we can always recover the phonebook.

The key to eliminating the contact in question was to deactivate the "Local Contacts" and the "Google Contacts" and activate the "SIM Card Contacts" . This is achieved by entering the calendar and then in the options we select "Filter" and we will have on screen the options to activate / deactivate the contact sources (see image) .


This will show only the contacts stored in the SIM and if we select and delete them, they will be deleted forever and will not appear in other contact lists such as WhatsApp.

I hope this article has been helpful to you, that even being a simple topic can give us more of a headache but we know how to manage the agenda on Android.

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