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How to extend battery life

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Extending the life of the battery is essential in the current times since the batteries have not evolved or if they have not been enough. Many of you would already realize that most of today's mobile devices, whether Android, Windows or Linux come equipped with hardware with incredible power characteristics, we can find from multi-core processors, high performance graphics chips or RAM memory that It works at high frequencies but when we get to the battery section there is nothing remarkable.


This hardware gives the user high performance, but the big problem is to feed it while the mobile device has some autonomy to move it. The batteries have not evolved at the same rate as the needs of the rest of the hardware, which is why we are currently facing one of the main problems is the battery life.

In this article we will talk about some " tricks " or tips to extend the life of the battery and also try to deny some myths that have been created around current batteries due to ignorance of them.

Tips to extend battery life.

  • When talking about keeping the battery in good condition, it is necessary to refer to the battery voltage and maintain an adequate state of charge as well as to carry out the appropriate charges / discharges.
  • Current batteries should not be allowed to discharge completely , that is to say they reach 0% charge, as this can be harmful. Of course this is applicable when done continuously, if one day you get lost and the battery reaches 0% it does not have to be a problem either.
  • Leaving the phone plugged into the mains after a full charge of the device is not a problem. The current chargers and devices automatically cut off the power supply for the battery charge to reach 100%, years ago this automation did not exist and the batteries were damaged, but today I would dare to say that all devices have this technology .
  • For long periods of inactivity it is advisable to leave the battery in a state of charge between 40% and 60%, but do not neglect and do not let the charge reach 0%.
  • Discharging the battery completely up to 0% and then making a total charge up to 100% does not improve the life of current lithium batteries , but discharging it up to 0% can even be harmful.
  • Fast chargers are worse than slow chargers, so it is advisable to use the charger that our mobile brings and not use third-party chargers that promise faster charges.
  • Using a charger with more amps does not accelerate the charging process , since the batteries bring their own limits and cannot charge faster even if a higher amperage is used.
  • Making constant charges , for example, charging with the 95% battery to reach 100% can be harmful in the long run if it is done very frequently, it is advisable to let the battery go down to at least 50% - 40% to make a new charge.

In summary, it could be said that in order to keep in good condition and thus extend the life of the battery we should control the charge / discharge cycles to never reach 0% charge and use chargers provided by the device manufacturer itself since They will be appropriate.

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