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Google Play allows you to share applications with family members in Spain

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There is a feature on Google Play that has been called Family Collection and that allows you to share applications with family members, so only one of them has to pay . But not everything is as beautiful as it sounds, it has certain limitations that you must know.


The possibility of making family purchases on Google Play has several months available United States, but finally moved to Spain. The objective of this new feature is that families can save when buying applications from the official Google store.

Google Play allows you to share applications with family members in Spain.

Each family collection allows you to share the application with up to 5 more people. Although for us to share the application in this way, the developer of the app has had to activate this possibility before .


To create the Family Collection and start sharing applications you have to start by registering on the registration page through this link . Once we sign up, we will request a means of payment and finally if we want to add all the applications that meet the requirements or if we add them later manually one by one.

The family collection is supposed to be created by the head of the family, who will be in charge of adding the rest of the members. The only requirement to create the family collection is to be of legal age.

We must bear in mind that only applications purchased through the Google Play Store, movies or series and books can be shared . But music purchased through Play Music or magazines through Play Newsstand, can not be shared .

This new system is also a saving, a great improvement for users with children. Until now, you had to leave them the personal telephone number in which the application was installed so that they could use it, assuming the risks that this entails.

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