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Periscope allows you to earn money with Super Hearts

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For those who walk a little lost, Periscope is the Twitter application to broadcast live video den , just as you can on YouTube, Facebook, etc. To motivate live broadcasts on this platform, Twitter has included the Super Hearts.


It is clear that live broadcasts are one of the greatest attractions offered by social networks, especially those who like to share moments of their lives in a casual and uncomplicated way. And if they can also obtain an economic benefit, what else can you ask for?

What are the Super Hearts of Periscope?

The Super Hearts or Super Hearts , are like a special like that is bought with real money through the application. Once we have bought the Super Hearts, we can use them to give paid likes and show our support for a specific profile.


The recipient of the Super Hearts will earn 70% of the value of these, while Twitter will retain 30%. It is a type of economic support that users can use to reward their favorite creators.

At the moment, this functionality is only available to Periscope users in the United States, but we imagine that sooner or later they will reach the rest of the world's locations.

With the Super Hearts everyone wins.

The truth is that when we read what we put before 30% is left by Twitter and the other 70% by the creator, it seems a fair enough number, but it has certain details. To buy the Super Hearts we have to do it through a purchase within the application. When making this purchase in-app, Google or Apple (depending on which device we use) they will have already received an initial 30%, which is why in the end it is the big companies that really benefit from these options and not the creators .

Apart from this, we believe that Twitter has taken this step to see that the competition has a similar functionality and that it could motivate new creators of content to move to the social network of the blue bird.

What do you think of the Super Hearts? Would you wear them?

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