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New Google Chrome 54 allows you to save web pages to see them offline

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A few days ago, Google announced the launch of the Chrome Canary version for Android in the Google Play Store, which allows us to enjoy experimental features in exchange for having an unstable browser. But today the news is that Google has launched the new version Google Chrome 54 stable that brings many new features , some of them highly anticipated.


The Google browser is the most used in mobile devices and has also managed to get a large number of users on the PC. But it is in Android where the development and evolution of the browser progress more and more to integrate with the so-called mobile web.

News of Google Chrome 54 stable.

In the first place we have to name the possibility of saving web pages to see them without connection at any time . You can store both websites, images or videos, so you can enjoy the contents at any time. This option will be activated over the next few days for all users.


Another great news is the ability to play websites with videos in the background . With this functionality we can enjoy a song or a video, while for example we access WhatsApp to answer a message. We have tested this playback option in the background and it works on most video websites (Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc) but not with YouTube .

At first we thought it was strange that Youtube was not compatible with playing in the background , but this is something that is offered in your Youtube Red payment service, hence the reason for not having this option.

You could not miss the minor improvements, but no less important, such as updating passwords. Now when we configure Chrome to remember a password, if we decide to change it, we can update it directly from the mobile . Finally, the main page of Chrome will show us suggestions of web pages based on our history.

You can download stable Google Chrome from Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.android.chrome

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