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My iPhone 7 does not charge anymore. Every time I plug it in, it shows me, "your device may not recognize your device" (I think it refers to the charger), with the battery sign discharged and the charger head.

I thought immediately that my charger that is dead or a problem of the connector.

I was at the shop, we tried other chargers, it did not work. I changed the connector but it did not work either. My phone remained on until the charge was exhausted.

What's odd is when I put it on the hot battery charge up to 10 see 15% and I use it once unloaded it turns off what is normal, in your opinion is it the problem?

I do not think it's a battery problem. Why no longer detects the presence of the charger?

please help me, all my data is on my iPhone :(

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This is probably a dust problem in the bottom of the iPhone connector - I had the same problem that I solved by removing the dust with the help of a wooden toothpick: I removed a packet of small dust or pills: in about twenty minutes and some toothpicks the problem was solved! I hope this will help you

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Hello, I also confirm that we must try the cleaning in the connector, perfect toothpick, soft wood that will not harm the components. My iPhone 5 no longer took charge and / or occasionally. Like many, I thought of the charger "out" or problem of the connector. My post if it helps: After cleaning and removing a lot of dust, he still did not take the load. In fact, I just had to make a real reboot of the iPhone, not just turn off and turn on. You will easily find on the net a post of how to do. Since then, he resumes the load normally.

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