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Whenever we change an iPhone 7 screen, when reassembling, we have a problem with the home button.

Indeed, the button seems to work, but the haptic feedback does not work well at all. Sometimes Siri does not even want to work.

It becomes annoying, with you a solution?

Thank you for your return and your help?

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I have exactly the same problem. I replaced my screen and since the home button is no longer usable at all.

I restored my iPhone 7 via iTunes but the problem is still present. I have to use it with the help function ... Do you have an idea? I do not know what to do ...

Thank you

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Since the time we have found the solution.

The button was damaged when opening with the opener, you have to open them with a plastic pick to avoid damaging the button.

There is only one solution: have the button repaired by micro welding.

MP if you need someone to recommend you.

See you soon

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