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How to fix iphone 7 home button?

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If fixing a smartphone is a horror in itself - the economic cost of any failure must be added the inconvenience of being several days "incommunicado" - but in the case of the iPhone, it is even worse and you only have a reliable alternative: take it to the official technical service certified by Apple . And it's not cheap.

If you have been an iPhone user for years, you will know that the most frequent breakdowns are those of the use and exposure to daily life , that is, the screen and the Home button. But if for example you cracked the screen and you decide to take your iPhone to an independent technician - we all know the classic booth that also releases and repairs mobiles - to change your broken screen, forget about claiming any kind of guarantee after Apple.

Cutex button Home

But in the case of the Home button, Apple is even stricter to avoid third-party repairs. And is that if you have an iPhone 7, you should know that it has a software blocking system that is activated when the circuit that powers the Home button is tampered with or damaged.

This fact raises many questions both at a legal level, regarding Apple's control and its almost monopolistic practices in terms of its technical service, as well as at the level of trust. And, what can we expect from our phones if they are programmed to block when you try to repair them?


This software lock limits the replacement of the Home button to the maximum . It is not that we can not even use Touch ID but the new Home button will be disabled to perform more basic tasks such as returning to the main screen. Only the original part will work correctly, or failing that, the replacement calibrated by Apple.

In case you do not believe it, the owner of a repair shop for smartphones and youtuber Michael Oberdick, has shown it in a video:

And beware, Michael goes further and points out that the next thing will be the replacement of the screen . The truth is that these practices do not surprise many, who already suffered the error 53 in their iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models when they replaced the Home button in unofficial technical services. Of course, in that episode Apple alleged that it was a mistake, solved it and apologized.

Of course, this measure will bring Apple tail and to begin with, consumer organizations have already informed the authorities. On the one hand, the specialists require Apple to be more flexible to lower the costs of repairs and therefore allow prolong the life of their gadgets, for another Apple has always made responsible for the failures of third parties who have manipulated their terminals , serve as an example the case of chargers and batteries.

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