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How to fix iphone 7 plus camera glass?

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Repair Crystal Rear Camera iPhone 7 Plus

In iFixRapid we help you to detect which is the repair that your iPhone needs. If you have broken the glass of the rear camera of your iPhone 7 Plus , it is very likely that your problem is among the following descriptions:

Causes: The iPhone 7 Plus camera has a fairly strong glass, but the problem is that the camera protrudes from the housing, which can cause problems. If the iPhone 7 Plus has fallen on the floor, the camera's glass has been broken or scratched.

Effects: All these situations can lead to: the rear camera's glass is broken, the iPhone 7 Plus camera looks black, the photographs come out with stripes or distorted, the camera application does not open.

Solution: Change the glass of the iPhone 7 Plus rear camera

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