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Properly clean the port to charge the iPhone with their own hands

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Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the truisms. Here's the situation: the iPhone suddenly stopped charging. The charger works, the cable is "native", and the iPhone does not charge and does not sync with the computer. What to do? 

Of course, there are many reasons for this problem. But still you need to start with the simplest - from the connector Lightning (or 30-pin in the old models). This connector is not protected in any way, and after some time of carrying the iPhone in your pocket, dirt, pieces of cloth, fluff - in general, everything that is usually present in the average pocket of clothing, can get into the hole of the connector. Once inside the connector, foreign objects break the contact when the cable is connected - and the iPhone stops charging and synchronizing. 

It's clear that I'm writing, as I said, the trivial truths, but according to estimates of the Cnet resource, the dirt that got into the Lightning connector is the most common reason for the lack of charging the iPhone. 

How to remove all extraneous from the connector? Use a conventional toothpick, it's fine. Or something as long, sharp and wooden. Remember that metal objects for cleaning the connector can not be used in any case !!!

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