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How to fix iphone 7 microphone?

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Repair iPhone 7 Plus Microphone
In doingHow.com we help you to detect which is the repair that your iPhone needs. If the microphone of your iPhone 7 Plus does not work , it is very likely that your problem is among the following descriptions:

Causes: The iPhone 7 Plus microphone is located at the bottom of the phone, if it falls it may be damaged. If any material or liquid is inserted through the slot, the microphone may stop functioning and cause distortion in the sound.

Effects: All of these situations can lead to: when I call on the phone, they do not hear my voice or they hear a choppy sound, when recording a video it does not record the sound, I can not leave voice notes since it does not register any sound, I can not use Siri because it does not recognize my voice or it is distorted.

Solution: Change the microphone of iPhone 7 Plus

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