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How to put the screen of the mobile in black and white (grayscale)

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There are many current phones that incorporate night mode, which makes use of darker colors and with less brightness so that it does not damage our eyes in low light situations. It is true that this mode has had a great success among Android users and today we bring you an alternative to configure the screen of the mobile in black and white or what is the same in gray scale .


Activating this option can be especially useful in OLED screens, since it can reduce energy consumption, although we will completely renounce color. Surely you have entered the curiosity and I already advance you that we will not use any application .

How to put the screen of the mobile in black and white (grayscale).

To activate this black and white screen mode also called monochromatic we have to access the developer options. These options are hidden by default in Android devices, so you have to follow a simple process to activate them:

  • First we access the general settings of the device, where we select the option "About the device . "
  • Now we should see on the screen a section that shows us "Compilation number" . Click on this box that says "Compilation number" ten times in a row and these advanced settings or developer options will be activated.
  • We just have to go back to the general settings and access the developer options or advanced settings, where we will search and click on the option called "Simulate color space" .
  • Now we select the option "Monocromacia" that can also appear with the name "Achromatopsia" or "Monochromaticism" .

To restore to the original screen mode, we repeat the process but this time we will select as a "None" color space.


We see that it is a simple way to put the screen in black and white , which does not hurt to know it, because you never know when we will need it. This is a good opportunity to remind you of another tutorial where we showed you how to lower the brightness of the screen less than possible in Android .

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