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What is taking up space in the internal storage of the mobile

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In mobile devices it is very common to run out of space in internal storage, especially if we take many photos or if we play several games. The initial solution that comes to mind is to buy a microSD card or start using services in the Google cloud . Here we will show you how to find out what is occupying space in the internal storage of the mobile and so maybe you can free up some space.


In mid-range and incoming mobiles, it is very common that we can not update applications, or install new apps through the Play Store, because we do not have enough space. But first of all, we must find out what applications, files or folders are taking up space in the internal storage of the mobile.

Find out what is taking up space in the internal storage of the mobile with the DiskUsage app.

image For this small tutorial we are going to use one of the simplest applications that are available in Play Store, it is DiskUsage . Once installed, when we execute it, it will perform a scan of the internal storage or microSD card that we indicate.

After this initial scan, the application is able to visually show how much space each folder and file is occupying in our Android device .

We can go clicking on the different folders and a kind of zoom will be done that will show us with more details the contents of each folder. It is a kind of file explorer but focused on checking the space occupied by each folder and their respective files.

Once we locate those files that occupy space, we can delete them directly from the application itself, but be careful, do not go to delete something necessary . If you want to uninstall an application, better do it from the own uninstall option.

In some occasions I have been able to verify that the cache of some applications (especially games) ends up taking up a lot of space, this I could never have found out without the DiskUsage application.

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