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Good day. Such a thing, I decided to configure 2 TP-Link routers in bridge mode. Using your description of the configuration of the Tp-Link router in bridge mode (WDS) , everything was done. As a result: through the cable connected to the second TP-Link WR740N router, which is connected via WiFi Internet caught. But, WiFi is working strange. The laptop was connected only through QSS. The password does not accept, although everything checked, everything converges. Writes what is not the right pair.

Smartphones, respectively, also do not connect, writes an authentication error. 1st TP-Link MR3420 router.

The settings are as follows: on the 1st: the channel is static, IP reserved for the 2nd router, broadcast SSID is hidden. On the 2nd: DHCP is disabled, the channel is static. SSID is different, the password is the same. From the laptop I go to the 1st router, through the second without any problems, at least the cable, even the wifi ... Internet, the same way.

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Good afternoon. The first thing that occurred to me when reading your question is that you incorrectly enter the password from the Wi-Fi network when connecting to the second TP-Link WR740N, which is configured in bridge mode with TP-Link MR3420. If the cable works on the laptop, the Internet works, then the laptop and smartphones must be connected via Wi-Fi. And errors "not the correct pair" and "an authentication error" just can arise because of the incorrect password.

In the settings of the router, which in WDS mode, you most likely can not go for the reason that the DHCP server is disabled on it (TP-Link WR740N). You either need to register addresses manually (on the device), or look at the IP address of the second router in the settings of the first (TP-Link MR-3420). In the ping of connected clients (DHCP server clients).

Two more possible reasons:

  • A hidden SSID on the master router. In this mode, I did not try to configure.
  • It is not clear how and why you reserved the IP address for the second TP-Link router. You do not need to do this.

You can reset the TP-Link WR740N's settings and reconfigure it in WDS mode. Specify a different password (and preferably a different SSID), in the correctness of which you will be sure. Well, after the configuration you need to go to the control panel of the router, which you connect in the Wi-Fi bridge mode (through which you currently do not work the Internet) and see the status of the connection by WDS. There must be a Run. You can also try to configure the bridge without disabling the DHCP server on the second router.

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