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When I configure the settings of the ps3, I always get a DNS error 80710102.

The ps3 is connected to an Ethernet cable. I use a USB Stick K3565 HSDPA from Vodafone with 3G broadband network.

Each time I restart the modem, the IP changes but the DNS is the same.

I have read several things in the forums and wanted to know if they are true:

-          In "network settings", "connection to the multimedia server" must be deactivated.

-          If the ps3 does not connect to the internet, it is necessary to "restore default settings" and the IP and DNS could be configured.

-          It is also said that there is no need to open any port in the modem because they are all already open.

Should we share the internet connection with ps3?

I hope you can help me.

Thank you.

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Hello guys, the error of DNS 80710102 has nothing to do with the DNS of your company, this failure occurs when there are IPs coming into conflict, or sometimes when the Wi-Fi access key is not correct.

I explain the simplest and most effective way to do the configuration:

-First, unplug the router from the electrical network, keep it that way for about 10 seconds and then reconnect it.

Then go to the [settings] menu, [network settings], [internet connection settings] on your PS3.

-Select easy settings, and if you want to do it by Wi-fi select "scan", you will see a list of networks, you have to look at the type of security that puts on the line that has more signal level, which will be yours, and select the line by pressing X.

NOTE: If you are connecting via Wi-Fi, make sure you have at least 80% signal level.

-It will then give you the option to change the SSID of the connection, you can change it or simply advance to the next step by pressing right on the directional pad.

- Then he will ask you for the type of security. You have to select the same type of security that you put in the scan window (probably WEP), and write the WEP password. If you are not sure of the key, it is best to call the company with which you have contracted the internet service and ask them about it. When writing it, be sure to write it by differentiating between uppercase and lowercase, if you have any doubts, write all the letters in uppercase, and make sure you do not create any space at the end of the key, this would alter it and it would be incorrect.

-Put everything in automatic, proxy server in "do not use", and UPNP activated.

In the connection test, if it gives you "waiting time exhausted to obtain IP address", it is due to an error when entering the password.

If you get the error 80710102 DNS is a conflict of IP's, probably because you have not rebooted the router before starting the process, in which case you would have to do it again, by turning off the router completely forces you to generate a New IP, and the PS3 will take it automatically with these settings.

It is also highly recommended that you open the ports that are recommended for the use of PS Network and most SCEE games, which are the following:

TCP 80

TCP 443

TCP 5223

TCP 10070 to 10080

TCP 9293

UDP 3478

UDP 3479

UDP 3658

UDP 3659

UDP 10070

You have to open all of them for the IP of the game console, the IP address of the console is seen in the [settings] menu, [network settings], [settings and connection status list], if you do not know how to open the ports, is done from the configuration page of the router, and to access it you have to enter a username and password, if you do not know, contact the internet provider, it is also possible that they can do it or guide you Step by Step.

To access the configuration page of the router, enter inside your PC at start-> run and type "cmd", without the quotes.

It will open a black window with white letters of MS-DOs, write in it "ipconfig", without the quotes,

Then write that address in an internet browser, without the 3 www, it will take you to the configuration page, look for a section called port forwarding (or something related to the ports, depends on each page). In it you will have to write the ports, and for each port specify for what ip is open, you have to open the ports previously commented all of them for the IP of the video game console.

I hope I've been helpful. A greeting!

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