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How to fix psn error nw-31456-9?

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Here are some possible solutions that could help you:

 - Check that you have the latest version of PS4 software installed (V1.76)

 - Turn off the router and PS4 and wait 5 minutes. Turn on the router and wait another 5 minutes. Enter the safe mode of your PS4 and select option 4 to restore the system default settings and perform the network configuration again.

 - If you can, connect your PS4 by cable instead of Wi-Fi since the connection is more stable. Perform the connection test and check that you have open the ports indicated in this guide:http://manuals.playstation.net/document/en/ps4/settings/nw_test.html. If you do not know how to open the ports, contact your internet company to help you with the configuration.

- With the help of your internet company, check the network configuration, DNS, firewall ... Also check that your router's software is updated.

- To rule out possible failures of your PS4, if you can, try connecting your PS4 to another network.

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Connection error

The system can not connect to the PlayStation Network (PSN) or the game server. 

  1. Check that PSN services are available.
  2. If there are no problems with the PSN services, check out the official website of the game you are trying to play to see if it is not available for maintenance or high traffic.
  3. If, after doing all this, you still can not connect, there may be a problem that will be resolved soon. Try again later.

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