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after the last update is not connected via wifi, how to fix? through the cable does not offer, manually prescribe, does not help.

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In my opinion, this problem should be treated by developers, not users.

I have a signal from the router Apple goes through 2 repeaters, when I saw that the prefix does not want to go into psn, it was hard to think where the problem is.

The router has been installed quite recently, no updates have been requested, so the software is fresh, repeaters (repeaters) are working normally. In the end I'm sitting with ps4, which can not go into psn, but my destiny is ordered and can not be installed. The question is what have I to do with the user? I think that I am not unique with this problem. How to treat until I know ...

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I bought today the PS4, it turned on when it was updated, like everything is in order, but as I wanted to log into PSN, it refuses to see it on the cut and on the computer is the same, all the pages are not loaded except http://en.playstation.com , here I unsubscribe only because it installed VPN. Rostelecom's provider, 2 friends who also have Rostelecom working, as it is not clear what the reason for the blocking of the SPN by Rostelecom.

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