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Hello. Found on the sale of the game, which I wanted to buy for a long time, I entered data cards, but I can not buy. From the console gives out an error WC-40382-7, ostensibly about incorrectly entered card data, the site writes that the server timeout has expired. All the data was checked many times, everything is correct, but games are never bought. In what there can be a jamb?

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To be able to pay for the SEN network, the bank card must comply with the following parameters: 

  1. Visa Classic / MasterCard / Qiwi Visa Virtual card. 
  2. Support for purchases over the Internet (for some banks, this option must be activated separately, because by default it is not active). 
  3. One-time verification of cvs / cvv code. 
  4. Issued by the country bank, which was specified when creating the account. 

The payment information about the card must be entered only in Latin letters without using special symbols (dot, dash, slash, etc.).

If the card meets all of the above requirements and the data is entered correctly, but you still have an error 80023102 or "Card data is not valid", then, probably, the possibility of replenishing the purse of the SEN network is blocked for a period of 3 to 7 days (and even that 14). To solve the problem, you need to delete all payment information and re-enter the card data, which fully meets the requirements, in 3-7 days (preferably, two weeks) from the time of deletion. 

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