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It will be a matter of a month, a friend acquired the NBA JAM On Fire Edition of the PS Store. We decided that since 2 downloads can be made, I would let it install in my Play as well. Well, the game worked properly Offline, but when trying to play it Online, I threw this error "You have lost your connection to Playstation @ Network and thus lost your connection to the EA Servers. Please check your Ethernet cable. access any online features until you sign in I Playstation @ Network and the EA Servers again "and in turn, I missed PSNetwork with this other" Error 8005A548 ".

Well, thinking that maybe the problem was that the game had not paid for it, I decided to invest € 13 in it and buy it.

Nothing, that once bought, keeps giving me the same error, and I can not solve this problem. I have already contacted the EA support, but for the moment, after 2 weeks of waiting, I still have not received an answer. Would someone know to give me a hand with this issue?

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Problems connecting to the PlayStation Network 


The PlayStation 3 system has problems accessing the PlayStation Network. 


• Use the PS3 Internet browser to visit any website. If you get it, it means that the Internet works correctly; go to the next step. If you do not get it, it means there is a problem with the Internet connection. Click on one of the following connection types to solve the problem. 

         -  Cable

         - Wireless

• Try to access the PlayStation Store. If you get it, this means that the PS3 system can connect to PlayStation Network and that the problem is on the disk. Contact the software developer for assistance. If you do not get it, PlayStation Network may be in the maintenance process or the network may be saturated. Try again later.

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