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1 - Hello as many friends of ours has happened to us and I am sure that more than one of you is passing the old ps3 (the first models) that you have SE the games stop you and it is not quite fast as at the beginning

This summer I change from ps3 to a slim 320 G the question is: '' will I lose all my progress with my new ps3?

Trophies, account, friends ... I've been watching if my old ps3 does not break completely I'll wait for next Christmas ... (a pack that comes out ps3 + MW3

2 - When session starts, this is output '' An error has occurred. Your Playstation Network session (8002A203) has closed

Thank you

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PSN has fallen, the reasons are not known and it is not a routine maintenance. From the sony itself it tells us the following:

We are aware that some of you are experiencing some problems to connect to PlayStation Network. We are currently working to solve the problem.

It does not say anything else ... and the truth is that since 15:00 the PlayStation online service is not accessible, so we will not be able to play online, visit the store or play HOME for example.

It shows you a type of error that is 8002A308 and sometimes it happens that it does not show you the error but it remains a good while waiting ... well welcome to the wonderful world of Sony.

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