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How to activate LED notifications Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite

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Being a fundamental tool mobile devices to develop lots of actions that we perform in our day to day, they have a varied range of elements that facilitate their use and enjoyment. Among which we can mention among the most used camera to take photos or videos , the flashlight or LED lighting to notify different developments.

Now, with the intention of diversifying the many functions that the terminals have, it is possible to download, install and use the applications, among which we can mention, for example, those that refer to instant messaging and that we use on a daily basis as they can. Be Whatsapp or Telegram . In addition, we use social networks on our mobile almost constantly, among which Facebook and Instagram are the most popular.

It is true that these applications are constantly undergoing a process of improvement, correction and updating, so it is extremely important to know when these Apps have notifications available, in addition to the great movement and changes that exist within them. Taking into account this, TechnoWikis offers through this tutorial, the possibility of activating the LED notification light so that you can know at the exact moment when there has been an update of the applications in Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite of Android .

For this we must follow the steps described below:

In this video you can see the steps to follow in the Xiaomi Mi 8 of Android, but the steps in the Lite model of the terminal are similar to the ones you will see here.

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Step 1

Press the "Settings" icon found in the main menu of the mobile device.


Step 2

Afterwards, a menu of configuration alternatives is displayed, by clicking on "Additional settings".


Step 3

When a new screen is displayed, we must locate the option "LED Notifications", alternative is that we proceed to click in such a way that we have access to the configuration of this tool in our Xiaomi device.


Step 4

Once the previous step is finished, two sections are shown, among which are Enlighten when it is being charged, and "Blinking Light". In this last option the button that is located next to the alternative must be moved to the right to activate the tab and therefore the option.


As you can see the procedure to activate the notification LED light on Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite, it is quite simple. In the same way it is completely reversible, so if you want to eliminate the flashing light that indicates that there is an update notification of an application, just move the button from step 4 to the left side.

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