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How to delete duplicate contacts Xiaomi Mi A3

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Today, the mobile phone has become one of the main tools in our day to day, and this is due to the large number of actions we can perform from the same device. Thanks to the arrival of the Internet to them, their possibilities have multiplied, and it is true that they have also become one of the main means to communicate between people using phone calls or applications such as WhatsApp , in one method of searching for information brutal. In addition to this, thanks to different technologies, we can pay with the mobile or store files such as photos or videos in them.

Another of the main uses of the mobile phone is to use it to store information in the phonebook and, you will have noticed that, many times the contacts on the device appear duplicated. This is somewhat unhelpful as well as uncomfortable when organizing the information on our mobile and it is for this reason that in this TechnoWikis tutorial we will explain how to remove duplicate contacts on the Xiaomi Mi A3 mobile from Android step by step.

For this you will have to follow the steps that we will indicate below in the following video tutorial:

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Step 1

Enter the Google Contacts App, which is pre-installed by default on the Xiaomi Mi A3.


Step 2

Click on the 3 line icon in the upper left corner of the screen.


Step 3

A menu will appear that will appear on the left side of the screen. Select the "Suggestions" option to continue.


Step 4

In the new screen, select the "Merge duplicates" option, in which you will see the number of duplicate contacts you have on your mobile.


Step 5

The contacts that are duplicates will appear at the top. You can combine them one by one by clicking on "Combine" in each of them. If you want to combine all, press the blue button "Combine all" located at the bottom of the screen.


This is how simple it will be to unify contacts and remove duplicate contacts on the Xiaomi Mi A3 phone with Android operating system.

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