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How to deactivate or activate Xiaomi Mi A3 mobile data

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Using the mobile phone is practically the daily bread and if we talk about surfing the Internet it is even more everyday. Having an Internet connection is for mobile users almost an essential item that allows us to access both web content and different applications such as social networks. The moment we lose our connection, it seems that we are isolated from the world and unable to communicate.

The Internet connection in our mobiles can benefit from WiFi networks or mobile networks that operators establish according to different rates. There are unlimited rates or plans with restrictions that can cost us money if we transfer their bases. Today the gigas are quite abundant, but there are applications that consume too much emptying our Internet stores. That is why one of the options we have at our disposal is to activate or deactivate mobile data and thus prevent unauthorized data consumption .

In the following videotutorial you can more easily consult the steps explained throughout this videotutorial, but in a more dynamic way in a Xiaomi Mi A3 .

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How to deactivate or activate Xiaomi Mi A3 mobile data

Step 1

The first step will be to move the screen up of our Xiaomi Mi A3 to enter the Settings.


Step 2

In the new Window that appears we must enter the option of “Networks and Internet”.


Step 3

Following the steps the new section in which to enter is the "Data usage", click on it.


Step 4

Here you will directly see the possibility of activating or deactivating the mobile data using the green switch that you will see next to it. If you are not going to use mobile data it is better that you deactivate it and thus avoid unnecessary surcharges.


With these simple steps we will be able to activate or deactivate mobile data on a Xiaomi mi A3 and thus avoid excessive and unnecessary consumption of them.

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