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How to restart or shutdown Samsung Galaxy S10

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No doubt a mobile phone is one of the most useful devices that we can find in the market today. Due to the number of functions offered, people are becoming more and more slaves of these devices, since in them we store a lot of personal and professional information in many cases.

Undoubtedly, it has become one of the main centers of information because, in addition to offering us the functions of a telephone, it offers us the possibility of connecting to the network and browsing from the palm of our hand, accessing our social networks in search of news, manage our email or download different applications.

This means that we usually spend much of our time glued to this small screen and also do not turn off the phone for days. The problem is that sometimes the mobile can get to collapse and not work in the right way. We should not worry because it will only be enough to perform a restart or turn off or turn on the phone to solve these possible problems.

Next, we explain how to do it.

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1. How to force off or force reboot Samsung Galaxy S10

It is possible that our phone has stopped responding and we can not do anything with it. In this case it is recommended to carry out a forced reboot of the device. In the following tutorial you can check how to carry out this process step by step.

2. How to turn off or restart Samsung Galaxy S10

In the event that you only want to turn off or restart the device, you must do the following.
  • Press the on / off side button for a few seconds.
  • In the screen that appears select the option you want (turn off or restart)


Once you turn the phone back on, you can check if the problems you were experiencing have been resolved. In the event that this is not the case, you may have to resort to a reset of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

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