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How to restart or shutdown Xiaomi Redmi S2

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The amount of hours we spend on our phones and the pile of activities and social networks we handle, can make our mobile device stop reacting for a while, or even go slower than normal.
To solve these problems, the ideal would be to restart or turn off the device, and today TechnoWikis has brought a brief tutorial to solve this problem by performing these simple steps to the Xiaomi Redmi S2 phone.

But, before following the steps, surely you must be asking Why do these problems happen ? Our phone is used continuously for many hours every day, in addition to that, we have installed a number of applications based on RAM.

In addition to the aforementioned, we often tend to leave certain tasks and activities open to save us the need to log back in or to leave a page completely to find it again.
This, plus the amount of files, photos and videos that we download constantly, makes the phone\'s software work slower and can even cause the device to overheat.

Then you can get a video with the tutorial so that we can complement the step by step that will be explained next, if we do it carefully we will succeed in restarting the Xiaomi Redmi S2 phone.

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In the event that your phone does not respond, you can force the phone to restart. For this you can visit the following tutorial in which the process is explained step by step.

1. How to turn off Xiaomi Redmi S2

Step 1

The first thing we must do is press the "Power" button which is where the device "turns on / off". The same can be located on the right side of the device Xiaomi Redmi S2 in what would be the edge of the box. We keep it pressed for a few brief seconds.


Step 2

Now we proceed to select the option "Turn off" after having observed a tab with a series of actions to choose.


Step 3

Once the previous option is selected, the device will be immediately paid. We wait a few minutes and when we want to turn it on again, press again for a few seconds the "Power" button.


2. How to restart Xiaomi Redmi S2

If what we are looking for is to solve a phone failure by resetting it, then we must follow the following instructions:
Step 1

The first thing we will do is press the "Power" button of the Xiaomi Redmi S2 device, which is on the right side, for a few seconds.


Step 2

Next, a series of options will appear on the screen, one of which will be "Restart" and we proceed to select it.


As you can see it is a very easy method to do, we just have to follow these brief steps to the letter with which we will successfully shut down or restart our Xiaomi Redmi S2 for any problem that comes our way.

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