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How to Force Shutdown or Force Reboot Xiaomi Redmi S2

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Sometimes, our Xiaomi Redmi S2 mobile device may stop reacting, or it may begin to present certain faults that we do not know how to solve. This type of situation can harm the normal operation of the phone.

In the case of devices with Android operating system , they have the possibility to install software, offering greater versatility, however, this does not always produce positive results, so in cases where the device stops responding correctly , we must resort to force Restarting it off

Possible failures
Some problems that may arise (and in which the restart and forced shutdown could solve) would be:
  • Improve the functioning of the applications installed on the device.
  • Properly uninstall any app.
  • Find the solution to failures that may arise in some applications.
  • The restoration of applications in case they stop responding or cause the device to freeze constantly.

When we are presented with any of these problems, fear and anguish invade us, and in most cases, we do not know the solution to solve them. That is why, the following tutorial will provide the necessary help in case these problems arise in your Xiaomi Redmi S2 phone.

An excellent video explaining the procedure is also included in this tutorial.

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1. How to force reboot with buttons Xiaomi Redmi S2

To force the computer to restart, the following steps should be followed carefully:
Step 1

The first thing to do is press the "Power" button located on the right side of the device (power button). To achieve this action correctly, we must keep the button pressed for a few seconds.


Step 2

After holding the Power button pressed, the Symbol of the Xiaomi Redmi S2 device should appear next, indicating that it has been restarted.


2. How to force shutdown and restart on Xiaomi Redmi S2

Once the previous procedure is done and the problem persists, we must perform the following steps:
Step 1

In order to turn off our Xiaomi Redmi S2 mobile phone, we must press the "Power" and "Volume up" buttons simultaneously for a short period of time.


Step 2

When the Xiaomi Redmi S2 Symbol appears, we immediately release our fingers from the Power button and only leave the "Volume up" button.


Step 3

Later, we will arrive at the forced restart screen. To proceed with our goal, we will use both Volume and Power buttons which will help us to make a series of actions and move between them. We must select the one that says "Reboot".


Step 4

Next, we will proceed to locate and select the option that says "Reboot to system" which will eventually restart the device Xiaomi Redmi S2


By carefully following these easy and simple steps of shutdown and forced reboot, our Xiaomi Redmi S2 is possible to solve the faults in the phone and we can now work correctly without it being hung again.

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