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How to turn off, restart or force restart Samsung Galaxy M20

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We spend the day using mobile phones, because thanks to these devices we have the possibility to communicate through calls and messages, but also through our social networks or instant messaging applications. In addition, we can download different applications, browse the network or download documents and files.

But the thing is not there, since our Smartphones have become our main cameras and videos , so the use is even more extensive. This, coupled with the fact that we rarely turn off our terminal, may be the cause of different faults in the mobile phone and therefore we want to turn off or force the phone to restart.

That is why below we explain how to turn off, restart or force shutdown and restart on the Samsung Galaxy M20.

Restarting the phone is useful for
  • Solve errors that are generated in the system because of several updates.
  • Allow a tool to be removed or completely uninstalled on the mobile.
  • Run a repair of applications that freeze or do not perform their function correctly.
  • Allow each and every one of the telephone programs to work much more smoothly.

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1. How to turn off or restart Samsung Galaxy M20

These are the steps you must follow to turn off or restart your mobile in general.
Step 1

The first thing you should do is press the power button on the side of the device.


Step 2

By pressing the button for a few seconds, you will see a new menu of options appear. In this you have to give the option "Turn off" or "Restart".


Step 3

Later, there will be a shutdown of your system, to turn it on again you have to press the button again for a few seconds and that\'s it. In the event that you have selected to restart, the phone will turn on directly.


2. How to force restart Samsung Galaxy M20

In the event that you do not manage to do the above, you must try a forced restart of the phone. With this process you will solve different problems without deleting anything from the phone. For this you must do the following.
Step 1

First go to the side of the phone and locate the "Power" and "Volume down" keys. Next you have to press the low volume key first and a second then press the power button simultaneously for a few seconds.


Step 2

When you do this, you will see that the screen stays black and the Samsung logo appears on the screen.


After this shutdown and restart of the phone, you will see how those problems you were experiencing are probably resolved. In the event that this is not the case, you should proceed to perform a factory reset of the phone.

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