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How to change message tone Honor View 20

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Always when you buy a mobile phone, you want to give it a personal touch that can distinguish it from others. The terminals Honor View 20, offer multiple opportunities to customize the equipment, within that wide range of offers is to change the tone of the message.

The procedure is quite quick and easy and there is no need to download any application or program to perform the melody assignment. In addition, having a special melody in the terminal, will facilitate the recognition when you receive a message without having to constantly review the device. For this reason today in TechnoWikis we will explain how to perform this action in this Android terminal step by step.

To do this you just have to follow the simple steps that we will explain in this video and this tutorial that we leave you below.

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Step 1

On the main screen of your Honor View 20 mobile device, we will place the "Messages" section identified with a small envelope and select it by clicking on it.


Step 2

A pop-up window will be displayed in the terminal which is the area of ​​message transmission and reception. In the upper right part of the screen you can see three vertical points where you must press to access.


Step 3

After completing the previous step, a list of alternatives will be displayed with which you can configure the messages, in this case we select the "Settings" section.


Step 4

Once you enter in settings, you can see a list of tools with which you can modify the message section, among these alternatives we have: "Default SMS application", "Notifications", "Listen sounds sent messages", "Current country", "Automatic previews" and "Advanced". You must press the second of these options.


Step 5

Afterwards, a directory with several alternatives will be displayed, click on the one called "Sound".


Step 6

Sound offers a list of predetermined tones and melodies, which can be assigned to text messages by simply ticking the circle that appears on the right side of the melody, likewise, the Honor View 20 phone, allows you to choose songs from different authors.

It also allows you to choose the type of melodies that are archived in the music folder, in the same way you can even place a voice note as a message notification, just choose the "Select song" alternative, everything is subject to the user\'s requirements.


In this way we can turn the Honor View 20 phone into a unique and different tool. Last but not least, we must know that you can change the predetermined melodies by the songs that you previously downloaded on your mobile.

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