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What is social media and how does it work?

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Until a few days ago I did not know the definition of social media or social media but after reading here and there I write this article to clarify what is social media in the simplest way .


When we talk about social media, we mean a set of tools or means through which we can communicate, either by exchanging information or creating some kind of virtual relationship. In general, when talking about social media, it focuses on online marketing through platforms such as social networks or virtual communities.

One of the most striking aspects of social media is that the users themselves are the creators of the content and at the same time they are the ones who promote them with the well-known "word of mouth" . This means of promotion can have a great extension when the contents act virally and are transmitted from one user to another constantly so that it can reach a very important reach.

This new concept of social media moves users and readers from a level of passivity in which they simply received some type of information to a fully active level where they are allowed to influence and give their opinion on the information transmitted.

The objective of social media as an online marketing tool is to get quality traffic or users in order to get recommendations, comments and even opinions that will spread virally and thus achieve a greater scope of information.

Why use the available social media resources?

There may be many reasons behind the use of social media, but the most common are:

  • Promote our brand or product.
  • Spread our name or brand to gain reputation.
  • Get qualified traffic.
  • Obtain external links that point to our website or promotion page.
  • Get a better search engine ranking.

Most popular social media platforms

Today we have a large number of social media platforms available and despite what many people think, not all are the same . Some social networks are more focused on some type of promotion (for example Linkedin focuses on professionals and companies) , others have a specific way of sharing information (for example, Pinterest shares information through images leaving the text in the background) , etc ... but some of the best known are:

Actually there are many more but those are the most common and in which we can reach more people.