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How to extract images from Pinterest quickly

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A few days ago a friend appeared with the question of whether I knew any method to extract images from Pinterest or scrapear images on Pinterest and since I did not know any functional scraper I decided to facilitate the task with a simple method. With this tool we can scrape Pinterest images in a few minutes .


Process to extract images from Pinterest

The process to scrape Pinterest images is simple but we will need several tools and follow three simple steps. It is more expensive and extensive to read the explanation than to put the method into practice.

First step: access Pinterest with our browser

I personally use FireFox because I like it better, but any browser will help us with the task (Chrome, Opera, etc ...).

We have to access Pinterest with our username and password and then locate the board we want to scrape. Once we are on the Pinterest board that interests us, we have to scroll down until all the pins on the board are listened to, since as we scroll down all the pins are loaded, in case the board have a lot of them.

Once all the pins that we are interested in scrapear were listed, we have to copy the source code of the page, for this from the right click on a part of the web that is empty and in the drop-down menu select "View source code of the page " . We can also use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+U (this is valid for FireFox, Chrome and Opera) .

Second step: extract URLs from Pinterest images

Now what we will do is use the program that I provide to extract the URLs of the images from the source code. Download link: Pinterest Link Extractor .

We open the program, then paste the source code into the first text box, press the "Extract" button and all URLs of the images on the Pinterest board will automatically be listed.

Keep in mind that Pinterest stores two versions of each image, one of low resolution and one with a higher resolution. By default, the program extracts the URLs of the low-resolution images, but if we want the higher resolution images, we only have to right-click on the list of URLs and select the option "Convert to high resolution" in the dropdown menu.


Third step: download the images from Pinterest

We already have a list with the links of the images, now we have to download them with a download manager. I name some download managers in case you don't have any at hand:

  • JDownloader : programmed in Java and is free.
  • Internet Download Manager : is the one I use, it is very fast but it is paid (with a Google search you may not have to pay).

Final notes on the method to scrape Pinterest images

The program that I provide ( Pinterest Link Extractor ) is programmed in Visual C # under the .Net platform so you will need the .Net Framework 4 installed on your PC.

When downloading the images with the download manager you can configure it to download several images simultaneously so you speed up the download process.

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