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How to put the Google+ badge

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It is clear that the Google+ social network is increasingly expanding and accepting by users, so integrating this social network into our website is something highly recommended, so in this article I will talk about how to put the Google+ badge on our website

An example of one of the badge designs or badge of Google+ can be seen in the sidebar of Vozidea.com that we have in the testing phase at the moment. And then we will detail everything you need to place the Google+ badge on our WordPress blog or website.


Types of badge or Google+ badge

It is important to be clear that there are two types of badges depending on whether we use a user profile or a page profile.

Google+ user profile

The user profile when we show it on a website we usually do it to stand out as authors of the contents of the website. This profile is the one created by default when we sign up for the Google+ social network.

Google+ page profile

This profile is more focused to highlight a web page, business, brand, company, etc ... To obtain this profile you must create it from our Google+ user menu as shown in the following image.


Obviously, depending on our case we will use a user badge or a page badge, the one that best suits our needs. Another difference between these two badges is that the page profile badge also shows a +1 button included within the badge itself .


How to put the Google+ badge on our website

To put the badge or badge of Google+ on our website, the first requirement is that the call to Google+ javascript is present. There are two versions of this javascript, one synchronous and another asynchronous but in my opinion it is advisable to use the asynchronous code because it does not block the rendering of the rest of the elements of the web page .

The easiest way to generate the badge code or badge is to go to https://developers.google.com/+/web/badge/?hl=en and use the visual badge configurator that will give us the necessary code.


In the previous image it is worth highlighting the options indicated by arrows:

  1. In the arrow one we select the profile, either the user or the page if we have created it.
  2. As I said, better use asynchronous code.
  3. We copy the generated code to add it to our website.

Remember that if you have a +1 button on your website or if you already load javascript for another Google+ function, it is not necessary to reload it, a call is enough. This is why when we copy the code from the box, indicated by arrow number 3, we can sometimes ignore the lines of the javascript code.

The other options allow you to customize the badge design, you can play with them until you get the desired result.

With these simple steps we will have our badge or Google+ badge working. If the article has been helpful, you may be able to reward our effort by adding us to your circles from our own badge or badge.

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