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Stellar Places plugin: show places with Google Maps in WordPress

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There are many plugins to add places to our WordPress entries using Google Maps , but the vast majority require knowing the exact coordinates to mark the place. The new Stellar Places plugin for WordPress allows you to show places with Google Maps but without the need for coordinates and also offers other advantages that we will see in detail in the analysis.


The plugin has been published recently in the WordPress.org plugin repository, so we are facing the first version of the plugin but it will surely evolve over time. Even so, it is one of the most complete plugins I've seen to manage Google Maps from WordPress .

Analysis of the Stellar Places plugin to show places in WordPress from Google Maps.

Once Stellar Places is installed, a new item appears in the menu called "Places" from which we manage our places. We can create new places, create categories of places, etc.

The plugin creates a new type of entry for places and also assigns you the custom taxonomy locations . It is a pity that it does not allow to adjust the taxonomy and put the name that we want, since in Spanish it would be good if the taxonomy created were called lugares .


If we go to Places → Añadir Nueva , we can enter all the elements of an entry, but if we go down a little we arrive at the "Location" window where we can enter the name of the place, the street, the postal code, the coordinates, etc. We see that Stellar Places offers several options and flexibility when introducing a new place , which makes it stand out from its competitors.

Another very useful option is that it allows us to insert the locations that we have created in entries or pages . For this we will have to use the shortcode [stellar_places_map post_id="21"] . Clarify that in the example of the shortcode the value of post_id is 21 , but you have to put the post_id of the map you want to insert.

This shortcode is very flexible and allows many adjustments to be made, both in the design and in the elements it shows. For example, if we create a category of places named España and add two places to this category (for example Barcelona and Madrid), then we can show all places in the España category using the shortcode [stellar_places_map category="España"] .

As there are many options offered by the shortcode to collect them in this article, I link the official page of the plugin where you find all the options of the shortcode: http://wordpress.org/plugins/stellar-places/faq/

Finally, say that the plugin is free and that if you use places in your tickets or have to indicate locations from Google Maps, this plugin is what you are looking for.

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