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Show color palettes in WordPress

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For many design websites, having a way to show the user color palettes can be a great step forward when focusing your website, in fact there are websites dedicated only to displaying color palettes. Thanks to the Awesome Color Palettes plugin we can display color palettes in WordPress in a simple way.


Having a way to represent color palettes in WordPress is something that only certain design blogs will need, but the novelty of this plugin is that until now there was nothing like it .

Awesome Color Palettes plugin to display color palettes in WordPress

The developer of this plugin is Hal Gatewood who has already developed other plugins before and this time it gives us the opportunity to play with color palettes in WordPress.

Awesome Color Palettes is completely free and available in the WordPress.org plugin repository so it can be installed directly from the WordPress admin panel. Once installed and activated, to insert the palettes in our entries or pages we have to use a shortcode, although it also offers the possibility of using a PHP function to display palettes (the latter is very useful for developers).

After several tests I have to say that the plugin is very well worked, the palettes that we insert are fully responsive or adaptable , so they adapt to the screen size automatically, something that is greatly appreciated. The default colors are arranged horizontally, one after the other.


When we pass the mouse pointer over the palette, it is enlarged and at the same time shows the hexadecimal values "‹"‹of the colors.


In principle the plugin can display up to 10 colors in the same palette, but this is something we can modify since the CSS can be easily edited.

The shortcode to use is [awe_palette colors="434858,5886c5,#f2674a,c6006d"] , where we see that the colors are referenced by their hexadecimal value and may or may not include the # symbol at the beginning. Of course you can use the shortcode as many times as we need in the same entry or page in case we want to display more than one color palette.

It is a new plugin and that without a doubt can become fundamental in websites of design, decoration, painting, fashion, etc ... These color palettes will allow discussions related to colors, as well as being very useful in any design website.

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