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What is Google RankBrain and how does it affect SEO

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It is true that we live in a world full of smart devices and the dominant search engine, also known as Google, was not going to be less. A few months ago Google announced that it would use artificial intelligence to interpret the searches that users perform through its search engine and this would be done through a new algorithm called Google RankBrain .


Machine learning is a complex and specialized technology, which is not easy to explain or understand (that is why Google has not given many details) , but we can draw a series of conclusions about the effects on SEO.

What is Google RankBrain?

RankBrain is basically an algorithm that uses artificial intelligence to try to find out what the user is looking for and thus offer better search results. This algorithm is especially useful in searches that may be ambiguous, to provide the search engine with "intelligence" and thus be able to understand the user's search.

We also know that this new Google RankBrain algorithm is today the third most important positioning signal as reported by Gary Illyes from Google.

All artificial intelligence that involves RankBrain is not something that is managed in real time, but from time to time this intelligence has to be re-trained to achieve better results. This is the great advantage of using an "intelligent" system , which over time is able to "learn" as if it were a human to improve and evolve in the performance of its function.

How will Google RankBrain affect SEO?

In the face of SEO, the implementation of this new algorithm is not something harmful or that makes things difficult , but on the contrary, it could help to better position quality content. In addition, with the appearance of RankBrain, we could be talking about the fact that the keywords would be less important, giving more importance to the complementary contents that are closely linked to the main theme .

RankBrain has not replaced any of the previous algorithms (Google Panda, Penguin, etc.), but rather complements them. It has also been confirmed that RankBrain does not replace links as a positioning signal , it is more, the algorithm itself may use the links to better understand searches.

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