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How to synchronize passwords between all our devices

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As at the moment we do not have a reliable and more comfortable method that serves as an alternative to the classic passwords, we will try to show you how to manage your personal keys in a more efficient way . In this article we will talk about the LastPass application and how to synchronize passwords between all Android devices .


Currently, part of our lives is stored in the cloud and technology has evolved to offer us great resources and services through the network, but we still use passwords and passwords to access different services. On many occasions, our memory plays a trick on us and it is impossible to remember each and every one of the different keys and that is where LastPass can help us.

How to synchronize passwords between all Android devices.

LastPass is a free application with which we can manage all our passwords centrally. In the application itself we will add the passwords that we use in the different websites, services and even banking data that will be stored and encrypted securely in our LastPass account .

As the LastPass application is available for many platforms, we can add passwords from Android, PC, Mac, etc. When we want to access a service or web that requires a password, we will only have to access LastPass from any device and we will automatically obtain the desired password . With LastPass it does not matter where and when, if you have an internet connection, you can get access to all your saved passwords.


Every day we see how the requirements of passwords become more complex to give greater security, they ask us to include symbols or special characters, which make it even more difficult to memorize the password. If we add to this the widespread recommendation of using a different password for each web or service, you end up with a multitude of passwords and you definitely abandon the challenge of memorizing them all.

For this reason, the applications to manage passwords are so useful and if they also allow us to synchronize passwords among all our devices for free, then even better.

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