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How to download and install WhatsApp+ on our devices

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WhatsApp + is a mod of the official WhatsApp client that adds interesting features to the company's instant messaging client. For legal reasons (probably) this mod is not available in the Android application store, the Play Store, so users who want to download and install it must do so manually on their devices.

To download WhatsApp + simply we must access its main web page and click on the download button. In this way we will download the latest available version. As always when we download an application from external pages to the Play Store, we will download an .apk file that we must manually install on our device.

To install the apk file on our device we must first enable the option to allow applications to be installed from unofficial sites called "Unknown origins". For this we will enter Settings> Security and select the corresponding option.


Once activated we must install the file. To access the internal memory and search for it, we must use a file browser. There are many different file scanners, so we can use some of the best known as ASTRO or ES File Explorer. Root Explorer is also an option, although it is paid and more oriented to advanced users.

We will look for the route where our WhatsApp + has been downloaded (generally the "Download" folder inside the internal memory of the system) and we will execute the .apk file that we have downloaded to install it. Once the installation is finished we simply run WhatsApp + and we can start using the additional functions offered by this mod.


We want to remember that WhatsApp + is not developed nor maintained by the original developers, but rather it is a group of programmers working on this client and it is possible that there may be failures and errors in some of the functions. However, it is an excellent option to try for all those who want "something more" to what the original WhatsApp offers them.

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