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How to unarchive and find the archived photos on Instagram

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A few months ago, Instagram released a new feature that allows the user to archive and unarchive Instagram photos and, in general, the posts in your account, so that they are hidden and no one else can see them in your feed.

This new functionality has given much to talk about among the Instagrammers community, since in a certain part it changed the way in which the accounts are managed, since previously the only available option in case of wanting to hide a publication from the feed was to eliminate it. permanently.

Next, we will tell you about the importance of using the option of archiving photos and posts in Instagram (instead of deleting them), how you can find your archived publications and how you can show them again in your feed.

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Importance of photos archived on Instagram

There can be many reasons why you want to hide posts from an Instagram account. Especially, if it is your personal account that you opened in 2010 and you do not want the world to see your photos and publications of those dates.

Do not worry, you are not alone! It has happened to all of us at some time that we are ashamed of those photos and we want to remove them forever from the Internet. Since the archive function was enabled, this is the most recommended option when you want to hide a publication, instead of deleting it.

 When we eliminate a publication, this action is permanent and irreversible, so all the records of ' I like', 'comments' and ' statistics' (among others) will be lost . On the other hand, if we decide to archive them, we can always access that publication again, see all its metrics and even unarchive it so that it appears again in the feed.

How to archive and unarchive photos on Instagram?

To archive a photo / post of your Instagram feed, just follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Instagram account
  2. Tap on your profile picture on the right hand side of the bottom bar
  3. Find the photo you want to archive and tap on it
  4. Then, tap the ··· located in the upper right part of the image
  5. Tap on the Archive option and that's it!


To unarchive a photo / post of your feed, just follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Instagram account
  2. Tap on your profile picture on the right hand side of the bottom bar
  3. Tap on the clock symbol at the top left of your account
  4. Tap on the image you want to unarchive
  5. Make a tap in the · ·· of the upper right corner of the image
  6. Tap on ' Show in profile  ' and that's it!


Recommendations for archiving photos on Instagram

It is no secret that more and more the visual and aesthetic part of the content an Instagram account plays a significant role in terms of the positive results we can achieve through it.

For this reason, we want to leave you with the task of reviewing your entire account, from beginning to end, so that you can classify which publications (photos and / or videos) no longer fit with the style of your account, or that are not contained timeless Thus, you can archive on Instagram all those publications and have your account fresh with updated and top-notch content.

Here are some of the important points to keep in mind when doing this exercise:

  • Always remember to archive the publications to keep track of all your metrics. Do not delete your publications.
  • All the publications and photos that are archived from Instagram, you can find them by clicking on the clock icon in the top left of your Instagram profile.
  • Inside the ' Archive' section , you will be able to find your publications (photos and / or videos) archived and all the stories that you upload in your account.
  • In case you have archived a publication by mistake, you just have to follow the previous steps to show it again in your profile.
  • Do an audit of your entire account in order to identify which publications to file and which ones do not.
  • Only you can see the publications that you have archived.


Now is your turn! Let us know in the comments how you were at the time of archiving and unarchiving your photos on Instagram or your publications (also videos).

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Last June, Instagram developed a really useful feature that allows users to archive and remove Instagram posts from the archive. For many users it is a lifesaver. What's the first thing anyone sees when you visit your profile? Your photos and videos, right? And not every photo is suitable for the ad. I mean, not every one of us has the luxury of being exceptionally photogenic. And not all of us know how to edit our photos in Photoshop perfectly. What we can all do as humans is archiving Instagram posts from our profile. Only the posts that have a big first impression on our audience will be kept. If you get to know someone better and know your freaky quirks, you can choose whether you want to share your crazy photos with them, as you please. In the meantime, however, you can hide your embarrassing videos or selfies with this new feature from Instagram.

This feature can also be useful if you do not want enough likes for a particular image and just want to lock it in your personal locker to desperately save face. Whatever the reason, the use of an Instagram archive is indispensable. In this article, we'll show you how to archive and archive your photos on Instagram. It's a pretty simple task that does not take much time, and I'll see to it that I do not involve you in extravagant steps. So let's start!

How to archive Instagram posts and stories

  1. Find the Instagram photo or video you want to archive and click on the three horizontal dots. ... "in the upper right corner.


2. Click Archive in the drop-down menu .


Voila! It's that easy. After you select the archive option, your photo will be sent to Instagram in a separate folder called Archive. Rest assured, only you have access to this secret folder that knows what is filled with God.

Cancel the archiving of Instagram posts and stories

Had a change of heart? Would you like to return one of your pictures to the main deck? Did you decide that it was treated unfairly and deserves to be on the main page? Well, you can always pick up Instagram posts in this case. Here's how to do it. 
1. Go to your main profile page containing your biography and look for a clock icon in the upper right corner.


2. As you can see on the archive page, there is an option to archive posts and stories. In this tutorial I will teach you how to do archive histories , we will choose this option. But you can also archive stories in this way.


3.The archive folder opens in front of you. Select the photo you want to archive. Once opened, click on "..." in the top right corner and select View in profile.




Such a simple process, but many people have the misfortune to use them because they are unaware of their existence. That's why I'm here to help them when they need it. Well, people, I think I'll wrap it up for today. If you have questions, you can always go to the FAQ section. If you are still confused, please comment below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

frequently asked Questions

Can others see my archived posts?

No, you can believe me when I say this, that hidden photos are reserved for the pleasure of the owner of the profile. You will only be able to see other usages if you opt for archiving in the foreseeable future. Otherwise, your photos are in good hands.

Will my archived posts reappear after a certain amount of time?

No, there are no time restrictions. Some people believe that they will return to their profile after 24 hours, but this is certainly not the case. Only you have the power to bring it forward. Otherwise, they remain hidden for an eternity.

This is one of the most comprehensive articles for archiving and removing archive entries on the Internet. I have seen many tutorials on Youtube, but most are just vague and confuse more than they help you. I only did this guide because I knew that there are many people who are not yet sure how to take full advantage of this feature. I hope I've fulfilled my duty as a senior senior in the tech nation. End of the announcement!