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How to archive photos on Instagram

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It is already 7 years that the application of photography and videos is with us. Since that distant 2010 although the spirit of the application is the same, it has been changing to adapt to the taste of users. Today we are going to know an option that can be very useful in certain occasions .

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I remember when I started using this application, I did not know much about photography (well, I still do not know much yet) and I did not know what the mechanics of it was. I remember shooting with my iPhone 4S, adding some filter and little else . Labels were fair and very unimaginative.

Still, Instagram managed to get hooked and today I have almost 800 publications , and some of them the truth that I'm proud. There are others of which not so much, either because at the time they had a meaning that is now not so strong or because they were simply very bad . This is when the Archive option of Instagram comes in. It allows to hide to the view of other users those publications that you want. It does not erase them, but it hides them. Do you want to know how it is done?

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The only thing you have to do to file a photo is to access it. Up, to the right, click on the options button that appears with a three-point icon, and choose the Archive button that appears at the top. From that moment on, the photo will no longer appear on your Instagram profile. Even so, it will not be erased, and you can access it and retrieve it whenever you want. Easy, is not it?

With this, these archived photos will only be visible to you. If for any reason, you want them to be shown as public, you will only have to click on the clock icon with an arrow around it that appears on the top right of your profile. If you click on the photo you want to recover and in the options menu with the icon of the three points, click on Show in the profile and the image will return to it. The good thing is that it recovers with the date it was originally published .

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You already know something more about this popular and fashionable application, if you want to be a top, do not hesitate to read our publications about Instagram of Applesencia.com Regards and until next time, we are waiting for you.

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