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Application to find Pokémon allowed by Niantic and avoid bans

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Pokémon Go is a game that is losing all its potential, mainly because of its terrible radar system and that Niantic does not finish deciding to launch an update to solve this problem. At the moment, we can find alternative radars, but they mean putting our Pokemon Go account at risk, so today we present an application to find Pokémon allowed by Niantic and available in the Play Store for free .


Niantic has starred in an episode of witch hunts against users who had root access on their devices, as this supposed for Niantic that they were cheating users. Although they have been integrating some news in Pokémon Go throughout these months, we still have a decent radar.

Pokéfind web radar offers a version in the form of application to find Pokémon with the name of Go Tools.

First of all we must talk about the Pokéfind website, a Pokémon Go radar with great success after the massive banning of accounts. Its system is based on the feedback of the users, that is, it is the users themselves who incorporate the information of where they can find certain Pokémon, gyms or Poképaradas .


With the Android application it is easier to track the map and locate points of interest quickly. To use Go Tools , in a first step we select the type of Pokémon that we are looking for and then it will send us to a map where we will see the different Pokémon that have appeared.

Within the application itself we can set filters , with which we can choose whether to show the Poképaradas or the gyms.

It also allows us to send our own locations, so we can help other users to locate Pokémon. The biggest drawback of the application is that it comes in English , but its use is very intuitive and simple. As an advantage, we can say that it is a totally free application and available in Play Store or in its web version and that also does not imply any risk of account bane .

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