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How to add an access to Google Photos to the camera app

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This year has been a busy year for the Google Photos application, it has received countless updates until Google has converted it into an application that we all must have installed, whether we are amateur or not . Due to this importance that the app has acquired, we show you how to add an access to Google Photos to the camera app .


Google has insisted that we use its storage system to archive and share our photos. In fact, it has even launched the Photoscan application a few days ago to digitize printed photographs using the camera of our smartphone or Android device.

How to add an access to Google Photos to the camera app.

The camera application of our mobile phone is usually pre-installed and depending on the brand and even model, this application will be different. Generally, the camera application gives us direct access to the image gallery, but what happens if we save our images in the cloud and more specifically in Google Photos .


Here we bring you the solution in the form of a little trick that allows us to add to the camera app a direct access to Google Photos , we just have to follow some simple steps:

  • We open the Google Photos application and access its settings. This is achieved by accessing the hamburger menu (three horizontal stripes) and clicking on "Settings".
  • Once we are inside the settings, we activate the option "Direct access to camera" .
  • Now when accessing the camera application we will see the floating shortcut that we can place where we want .

It's a simple trick and that everyone does. It only has the disadvantage that when the direct access is superimposed on the camera app, we must make sure to place it in a place that does not bother. I take this opportunity to remind you that Google Photos allows you to free space , uploading to the cloud the photos that you have in the internal storage of your device.

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