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I am here for the second time to complain about a problem that has not yet been fixed. My credit card is still not being accepted at PSN store, still giving error number WC-40382-7. I will enumerate the facts so that it becomes clear since they did not answer me in the other complaint made here, and not by telephone.
1 - The problem started out of nowhere, you can see from my transaction history that I bought several times this year using the same card.
2 - My card is working, active, valid and has limit
3 - I have tried all the solutions that neither you are sure that work, like changing the address and etc.
4 - Your telephone service is terrible, unprepared and also did not know how to solve the problem. The solution they gave me is to buy a physical card instead of solving the problem.
5 - I refuse to buy physical cards being that the problem is obviously on their platform, I do not want to have the job of moving to a store, and the cards have integer values ​​and not the value of each game.
6 - The error does not happen only with me, just see here in the reclamation here and search google about it, millions of people are being impacted.
7 - It's amazing a company the size of Sony and one of the biggest brands of video games in the world have a problem of that level and do not bother to solve, and worst, shows a lot of incompetence, because you are losing money yourself
8 - Lastly, I have already lost several game offers since the problem began and I demand a financial retraction.

In case this problem is not corrected soon, I miss this promotion and do not happen a retraction on your part, I will sell this video game and buy an xbox one.

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So somehow things are back to normal, I was able to purchase games and Playstation Plus subscription.

Here is what I did:

  1. Removed all payment options from the wallet
  2. Waited for 2 days 
  3. Added my credit card as a payment oprion, set it to default and enabled the auto funding
  4. Waited for another day
  5. Tried to purchase games today and it worked.

Hope this helps, although dont know what changed. I entered the same credit card , same adderess which was not working earlier but worked now.

This is the kind of random bugs that would keep me up night, started randomly and ended in a similar manner ;-)

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I struggled with this myself (even after removing and adding back the card details, ensuring addresses are exactly the same on my PSN account AND payment method, etc.), and after a long struggle I found something which helped me!

Apparently Sony no longer allows accounts to use "disposable domain" emails as the sign-in ID (mine was ...@mindless.com)

Try updating your account email to Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, or any other non-disposable domain email address.

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