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Solution to the error "The app has stopped ..." on Android

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In the daily use of our Android device we use a multitude of applications and some even keep services running in the background. Surely, on more than one occasion you have received an annoying error with the message "The application has stopped ..." and you have gone bobo without knowing what to do. Today we are going to show you some small indications to try to find the solution to the error of "The app has stopped ..." in Android .


In some cases, the error will depend on the compatibility of the app with the device, so make sure you read correctly the requirements of the application before installing it . Something very common in Google Play Store, is to indicate the minimum Android version required.

Solution to the error "The app has stopped ..." on Android.

This error is directly linked to the application code itself, is caused when there is an unforeseen situation and the program does not know how to act, are the so-called exceptions in the world of programming. If this exception is not foreseen, it can not be handled by the application, causing the closure of the same.

First of all we must perform a cache cleaning of the application, since in many cases the problem comes because some file in this cache has been corrupted and the application can not work correctly. To clean the cache of an application we can do it from the menu Settings> General> Applications and select the application from which we want to eliminate the cache.


In this same menu there is a second option that is "Delete data" , this will erase all the settings of the app, but sometimes the error is "The app has stopped ...".

If the previous steps do not work, we will uninstall the application and reinstall it. If in spite of this the problem is not solved, we can only uninstall the application and find an alternative app.

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