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How to use the featured messages for marketing on WhatsApp?

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The featured message feature allows you to mark specific messages so you can consult them quickly later.

It is a very useful feature if you use WhatsApp as a tool to be in contact with your customers. If you do not want to miss a message sent to you by the person you speak with in the message history, leave it pressed and a symbol of a star will appear in the usual menu.

To highlight a message

If you click on it, the selected message, photo or video will remain highlighted and associated with the profile of the person who sent it to you.

To see the featured messages

To see the list of messages you have highlighted, go to Settings in the bottom right of WhatsApp and select "Featured Messages".

It can be a good solution to store useful information for each user for future contact with him.

To unmark a message

Press and hold the message and select the star delete icon.

Note : Deleting the star will not delete the message.

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