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Google Play Store prepares for the use of artificial intelligence

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We all know how important the Google Play Store has been in the world of Android smartphone applications. Today, the Google application store remains unbeatable and is integrated into virtually the entire Android device market . It is known that Google likes to use the most advanced technologies to improve their services and the media have announced that the Google Play Store is soon preparing for the use of artificial intelligence .


This news should not surprise us, because Play Store has become an "Android application search engine" and knowing that Google has already included artificial intelligence in its web search engine, it is not surprising that it wants to include the AI ​​in the Play Store.

Google Play Store prepares for the use of artificial intelligence and improvements in payment systems.

Another of the big concerns of the search engine giant, is to facilitate access to its services to users in developing countries . Among the many of its measures to expand to all corners of the planet, within its declaration of intent also includes providing the payment methods necessary for users to buy applications in their store . For this reason, Google wants to include payments through the invoice of the operators themselves .


Google Play Store wants to be the epicenter of the Android ecosystem, where regardless of the type of device (smartphones, tablets, smartwatch, virual reality, weareables, etc) , there is a single gateway to the Android universe. This centralization of content and services, it is obvious that it greatly benefits Google, since it is done with full control.

Google also does not lose sight of the user experience, because it knows that it is the key for Android to maintain a high bar, for that reason it is interested that Android devices have quality applications and users prioritize the use of these over other applications of doubtful functionality

Perhaps a new era for Google Play Store is approaching .

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