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How to force off and force reboot on Samsung Galaxy S10

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The functions that we can perform in mobile phones today are increasing. Currently we can download different applications, access our social networks , manage our email or browse the web directly and easily.

All this means that the Smartphone is an essential device for most users, since we can do all these things, directly from our hands. However, this can become a problem at some time, since the fact that we can perform so many actions on the phone, can cause it to collapse and not work properly.

Before performing a reset of the terminal, it is recommended to resort to a forced restart of the telephone. In this way you can solve different failures that we may be experiencing.

Restarting the phone can be positive for
  • Improve that an application is uninstalled correctly in the terminal.
  • Solve failures in updates.
  • Provoke installed applications functions better and more smoothly.
  • Repair applications that stop or do not work.

What you must do to force the shutdown and restart of the Samsung Galaxy S10, is the following.

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You must hold the keys of:

  • High volume
  • On-Off
  • Bixby


Once the Android doll appears, you must release these buttons. You will see that a new screen appears with several options. You must choose between these two according to what you want.

  • Rebot System Now. Restart the forced phone.
  • Power off. Forced shutdown of the phone.


You can select this option using the volume key and to accept the "Power" button

Once you have selected this, you will see that your Samsung Galaxy S10 phone starts to restart. Once it turns on again, you can check if the errors you were experiencing have been fixed.

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