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How to force off and force reboot on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

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Mobile phones have become our main allies because, thanks to these devices, we have the possibility of performing different functions such as being able to connect to our social networks , surfing the web from the palm of our hand, review our bank accounts or download different applications .

Smartphones have gone from allowing to call and send sms to offer users all this amount of possibilities. That is why many times your memory can become saturated or that its operation is not adequate emitting different failures, due to this collapse.

In these cases you can perform a factory reset of the phone, but this would erase all the data stored in it. That is why before reaching this point, it is recommended to perform a forced restart of the phone to solve these possible failures or when the device does not respond.

Restarting the phone can be positive for
  • Improve that an application is uninstalled correctly in the terminal.
  • Fix faults in updates.
  • Improvement of the operation of the Apps.
  • Repair the applications that are hanging.

Below we explain how to carry out this process.

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You must hold the keys of:

  • High volume
  • On-Off
  • Bixby


Now we will see that the Android logo appears. We have to release the buttons when we see this, and a new screen with different options will appear. In this case you should select the option depending on what you are looking for:

  • Rebot System Now: To restart the phone.
  • Power off: To turn off the phone.


You can select this option using the volume key and to accept the "Power" button

When you have done this process, you will see how your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus starts to restart. When you have finished with the reboot, the phone will turn on again and you will be able to check if the faults that you were experiencing have been solved.

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