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How to change Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite ringtone

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The vast majority of users always want to give their mobile device a special or original touch. And not only on the screen of them, but also in the tones of calls , because in this way you can associate a specific melody or song to the calls received by our mobile.

Among the multiple customization options of our mobile terminal, one of the most recurrent and used is to select a specific ringtone that allows us to perceive that the phone that is ringing in a certain situation is your own. For this we have the necessary tools to configure the ringtone, and in this regard TechnoWikis has developed this handy tutorial with which we can customize the ringtone of the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite Android device .

Here are a series of steps which we must follow sequentially in order to change the ringtone of our Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite device.

In this video you can see the steps to be performed in the Xiaomi Mi 8, but in the Lite model of the terminal they are similar to the ones you will be able to see here.

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Step 1

In the main screen of the team we must press the "Settings" icon which we can identify in a simple way since it is represented by a nut.


Step 2

Later, a list of sections is shown, among which are Screen, Wallpaper, Themes and "Sound and Vibration" among others, being the one that we have mentioned last that we must press to continue with the process.


Step 3

Then, you will see the option "Phone Tone" where we must press to access the variety of ringtones that are configured in the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite phone.


Step 4

Once the previous step is completed, another menu will be displayed where it will be possible to see a list with all the available tones to select, to choose one of them. We just have to click on the one that is of our preference, now if we want to install a phone song as a ringtone, we just have to press the option "Local ring tone".


Step 5

If we want to incorporate as a ringtone a song or even an audio note of those that exist in the memory of our team, we press on the section of the gallery where it is located to access, and here we are shown the following sections:
  • Tape recorder
  • File Browser
  • Audio files
  • File manager
  • Music


As we can see this is a very simple procedure with which we can give a touch of personalization by changing the ringtone of our Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite.

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